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Check out some of our sample menus that provide an idea of what we can offer.  

We work with you to create custom menus that fit your event perfectly. 

(any special requests are accepted)


The Wonders            

of Autumn

This spinach salad speaks to all the wonderful autumnal flavors of the Pacific Northwest! Baby spinach leaves, sliced pears, thinly sliced red onions, naked pecans, dried cranberries and goat cheese. Served with our homemade local honey lime dressing.

The Classic                


Fit for Caesar himself Romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, homemade croutons and parmesan cheese crumbles all tossed in Caesar dressing.

The Farmers               


All the glorious offerings of the mid-summer farmers market Fresh mixed greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, asparagus tips, thinly sliced Vidalia onions and matchstick carrots. Served with everybody's favorite, homemade ranch dressing.

The Islamorada           

Ahhhh, a taste of the Key's! Fine chopped romaine lettuce, shredded Napa cabbage, red peppers, avocado slices, golden raisins and peeled navel oranges. Topped with slices of slightly sweet and spicy gazed pork tenderloin. Served with a cold and creamy yogurt-based orange ginger dressing.

For an additional charge add grilled salmon or grilled chicken.

Dressing Choices- Local Honey Lime, Creamy Ginger Citrus, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island, Italian, Catalina and Avocado Raspberry Vinaigrette.


Chicken Caesar       

Wrap Box

No after lunch crash with this little diddy! Grilled chicken breast, shredded romaine lettuce, diced tomatoes, diced red onions, Caesar dressing and parmesan cheese crumbles wrapped up in a warm tortilla Served with chips, pickle and a cookie!

Hawaiian BBQ          

Chicken Wrap Box

This breezy little wrap will mentally take you away! Grilled BBQ chicken breast, fresh pineapple tidbits, diced red onions, shredded romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese crumbles wrapped up in a warm tortilla. Served with chips, pickle and a cookie!

Steak & Mango        

Supreme Wrap Box

This is not a gamble, only a sure bet! Filet mignon slivers, shredded Napa cabbage, thin shaved slices of mango, red peppers and pepper-jack cheese wrapped in a warm tortilla Served with chips, pickle, and a cookie! 

Vegetarians Deluxe   

Wrap Box

Light as air! Shredded romaine lettuce, shredded purple cabbage, diced Vidalia onions, matchstick carrots, cucumber slices and our local honey lime dressing all wrapped up in leafy lettuce. Served with chips pickle and a cookie!

Curried Pork              

Salad Wrap Box

Mmmm yummy! Pork tenderloin dusted with curry powder and a pinch of sea salt, fine chopped celery, dry roasted pistachios, golden raisins, a teaspoon of plain Greek yogurt and shredded romaine lettuce wrapped in a warm tortilla Served with chips, pickle and a cookie!

Tortillas can be substituted with leafy lettuce for a gluten free option Chicken Caesar Wrap Box




Your choice of turkey or ham, leafy lettuce and tomato on traditional white or wheat bread Served with chips, pickle and a cookie!

Bear Rock                


Ham, bacon, sliced mushrooms, leafy lettuce and colby jack cheese all drizzled with real maple syrup then piled high on a Belgium waffle. Served with chips, pickle and a cookie!



Roast beef, cucumber slices, thinly sliced Vidalia onions leafy lettuce and a creamy horseradish sauce on seedy whole wheat bread Served with chips, pickle and a cookie!



Your choice of turkey, ham, roast beef or chicken salad, leafy lettuce and tomato. Your choice of deluxe breads; marbled rye, croissant, oatmeal or seedy whole wheat. Your choice of cheese; American, Swiss, cheddar, jalapeno pepper jack, colby jack or provolone. Served with chips, pickle and a cookie!


Blessing Box

Turkey, Swiss cheese, whole cranberry sauce, and leafy lettuce piled high on a croissant. Served with chips, pickle and a cookie! 

(Pricing options available as per person or tray pricing.)



Sandwich Platter

This is a mix of premium turkey and ham sandwiches topped with leafy lettuce on a mix of traditional white or whole wheat bread cut into quarters and served with chips and pickles. 

Mini Croissant+       

Mini Sandwich Platter

Turkey, ham, and homemade chicken salad on mini croissants and mini rolls.

Artisan Cheese       


A selection of imported and domestic cheeses garnished with dried fruits and nuts accompanied by breads and gourmet crackers. 

Hummus Chips         


Homemade hummus with sun-dried tomatoes and pita chips.

Grilled Chicken        

Salad Platter

A bed of fresh leafy greens and reds baby spinach colored pepper rings, green onions, cucumber slices and grilled chicken Served with an assortment of homemade dressings. 

Fruit Medley         


Locally sourced seedless watermelon cantaloupe, honeydew melon, strawberries, oranges and pineapple. Served with a creamy fruit dip.

Salad Medley           


Bow tie pasta salad, macaroni salad and potato salad.


Sandwich Platter

This is a mix of 4 assorted premium meats. Turkey, ham, roast beef and homemade chicken salad Topped with leafy lettuce, a tomato and cheese on our specialty breads. Served with chips and pickles.



Marinated artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, chive medley, salami pepperoni, swiss cheese and mozzarella cheese. 

Sweet + Spicy             

Meatball Platter

Marinated artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, chive medley, salami pepperoni, swiss cheese and mozzarella cheese. 


Fiesta Dip                   

Chip Platter

A festive tray with homemade refried bean guacamole, grape tomatoes, sour cream, roasted white corn and cheddar cheese. Served with tortilla chips. 

Grilled Chicken          

Caesar Salad Platter

Romaine lettuce, baby spinach leaves, parmesan cheese and homemade croutons. Served with Caesar dressing.

Fresh Veggie              


Locally sourced heirloom baby tomatoes, cucumber slices, carrot slices, celery sticks and cauliflower buds. Served with homemade ranch dressing.


Coffee Banana           




Sweet Potato              

Buttermilk Pound Cake 

Mixed Berry                

Skillet Pound Cake 

Assorted Dessert        


Freshly baked cookies, assorted mini brownies and fresh baked mini muffins. 

Lemon Poppy                

Seed Skillet Cake 

Peanut Butter               

Chocolate Pudding Pie 

Honey Walnut Pie         

Maple, Apple,                

Cheddar Pie  

Box Lunches


Our food truck menu is always a custom curation of delicious foods complimented by seasonal availability. Stop by in-person and see what we have to offer for the day!


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